Engine & Drivetrain

engines, transmission and driveline repair since 1994

If your vehicle needs major engine and transmission repair, it can seem overwhelming at times. We are very comfortable taking apart your engine and making repairs in a timely fashion. We will have you back of the road quickly and often at a very reasonable cost.

With years of experience, Apollo Automotive is your neighbourhood expert for all major services on your vehicle. We will perform a complete diagnostic, review your options with you and get the work done in a timely fashion using high quality parts.

In addition to engine and transmission repair, we also service the complete driveline in your vehicle including transfer cases, differential gears, axles and driveshafts. We are 4×4 specialists with multiple completed builds.

HOW DO I KNOW IF MY engine or transmission NEEDS SERVICING?

  • Your Check Engine Light is illuminated on your dashboard
  • You're noticing that your vehicle is lacking power or torque
  • Your vehicle has a difficult time starting in various conditions
  • Your vehicles exhaust is excessive or has an obvious foul oder
  • Your vehicles idle is inconsistent or problematic
  • There is a fluid leak of any kind in the vehicle's parking spot